Romancing over coffee by the Firelight ... Coffee Roasters

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Romancing over coffee by the Firelight ... Coffee Roasters

Who: Firelight Coffee Roasters

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Where: Atlanta, GA

firelight coffee roasters atlanta ga

When: October Box (2016)

What They Say: 

The coffee we selected, the Brazil - Boa Vista, is important to us [Firelight] because it comes from a family farm that is leading the way in sustainable farming practices. Our friends in Brazil that grow this amazing lot are putting a new face to Brazilian specialty coffee by focusing on quality, no matter the cost. We're proud to roast this exquisite natural coffee because what it represents is as innovative and incredible as the way it tastes.

We're driven by the people that make coffee such an excellent gathering point. From the farmers who pour their lives into the soil to the customers who experience the nuances in each cup— these are the people we roast for. The global community that coffee creates is a beautiful thing, and we love roasting coffee in order to be a small part of the movement.

Why We Picked Them:

Atlanta is a city that, like many others off the coast, is swelling with craft coffee roasters that are keeping an ever increasing audience caffeinated. We used to fly through ATL dozens of times a year, but never once set food outside the airport. This month, we did! And hot dawg, it was a blast. Firelight was one of a few roasters that were "not to be missed", so it was a joy to get to work with them to release the Brazil Boa Vista beans. We've started cutting back on all non-natural waste where possible, and working with a roaster who also picks sustainability over cost is always a win-win for them, us, you, and the environment. Huzzah!