Rev Up Everymorning with Rev Coffee Roasters

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Rev Up Everymorning with Rev Coffee Roasters

Who: Rev Coffee Roasters

rev coffee roasters atlanta

Where: Atlanta, GA

rev coffee roasters atlanta ga

When: October Box (2016)

What They Say:

We've [Nick & Rev Coffee Team] decided to go with our current Costa Rica. It's a natural processed coffee that is absolutely mind blowing. It's been a long time since I've (and 99% of the staff) have been this excited about a coffee. It's a micro lot from Alexis Badilla Cruz. When we're describing this coffee to people it helps to ask them to imagine a strawberry & milk chocolate malt milkshake!

Why We Picked Them:

1) When you can see the pupils on someone dilate when they are just talking about a coffee, it's gotta be special in some way.

2) Strawberry & milk chocolate malt milkshake - quite possibly one of the most ridiculous and close descriptions of how a coffee can taste.

3) Rev, and everyone working there are genuinely awesome people. Next time you're in the ATL, make sure you dip into their cafe and say howdy. Truly awesome group of coffee enthusiasts!