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Chicago is one of the most vibrant, and of course, windy cities in all of the United States. As a business hub of the midwest, there's no shortage of discerning coffee drinkers looking for the best cups they can find. One of the finest has to be Dark Matter Coffee, one of our featured May roasters. Dark Matter is an environmentally-friendly company focused on giving you the most honest cup of coffee every time you visit. Their quality is consistent, because they've built strong relationships with green coffee providers that they now they consider family. These relationships with the growers, carries the quality all the way...

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Bow Truss Coffee is located in Chicago, Illinois and they are growing both in popularity and number of stores. They have 8 storefronts and plan on introducing 13 more in the near future. Wherever you are in Chicago, you'll be able to get a great cup of coffee made from their beans. We love their concept, and the fact that they are heavy into the startup tech scene - where we drink loads of coffee!  Photo credit: Bow Truss Coffee   Bow Truss has a simple goal: to make specialty coffee more approachable to anyone and everyone. Incredible coffee doesn't have to...

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