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Who: Cartel Coffee Lab Where: Phoenix, Arizona   What They Say: Cartel Coffee Lab does their best to find the most unique beans out there. Whether they are a unique flavor, grown in a different manner than others or just something completely new and different, they are willing to go the extra miles to support their customers with a truly unique experience. There company believes that their quality speaks for itself and that their staff are top-notch coffee experts and enthusiasts. They work with the best coffee producers that they can and build valuable relationships with the growers so that...

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Who: Press Coffee Roasters   Where: Phoenix Arizona   What They Say: Press Coffee Roasting is a forward-thinking company. They are dedicated to supplying a high-quality product by roasting in small quantities which results in quality over quantity. They also love the coffee community and so they are constantly offering workshops and coffee tours (like wine tours) for those folks just breaking into the coffee scene. Like their quality products, they also believe in exceptional service from their friendly and educated staff.   Why We Picked Them: Simply put, it's hot outside and nowhere is hotter than Phoenix (at least...

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July is always hot as he*#. For us, we always have to grimace a bit when the weather starts heading over 90, worried that hot coffee may have to take a break. If anyone knows how to drink hot coffee, in high temps it's gotta be coffee lovers living in the middle of a desert. We are heading to Phoenix Arizona for our July box, to sample and select the best beans that stand the test of temperature. Stay tuned for this month, it's gonna be a sizzler. -Derek

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