Competition for the AeroPress? Another solid product from Cafflano

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Competition for the AeroPress? Another solid product from Cafflano

In a previous blog post, Top 5 Travel Coffee Makers, we explored the best portable coffee brewers that were on the market. One that stood out was the Cafflano Klassic, a tumbler, pour over and grinder all in one. Many of the others have many features, but this one was the only brewer that could also grind beans. Handy!

We've kept our eyes on these 5 (and others of course) and saw the newest entry for Cafflano, the Kompact, funded earlier this year on Kickstarter and is currently completing shipments to all backers.


Why is this one so special? Simple. It competes with the AeroPress for versatility, portability and brewability. It is smaller than the AeroPress as well as comes with a carrying case, not to mention it too will act as a pressure extracted coffee brewer. The one positive we can see from their design is that no longer will you need to rest the brewer on a sturdy cup, but you can hold it in your hands and squeeze, hopefully the ergonomics of this stand up to the pressures and strength required for a good brew.

Alert! We have not played with the Cafflano Kompact yet, and hope to do so when it is for sale on their website in the future. Until then, keep exploring!