About Us

Boxo History

Boxo is the product of a global frustration. Having lived overseas for three years and with limited access to great coffee, Derek (Boxo Founder) created a monthly coffee box in Hong Kong called 88Beans. This concept allowed Derek to sleuth out amazing coffee roasters from different cities each month and import each respective roaster's top selling beans.

As that mission grew from a vague idea into a bona fide business concept, it was clear that exploring coffee city by city was more than just a passion — it was an adventure! Boxo is the next step for Derek, bringing together a team of compulsive coffee drinkers from across the USA to launch this movement "stateside" (and see family more often!).

Boxo Monthly Adventure Concept

The idea is simple: Each month we explore a new city and find the best local roasters. Next, we sample brews and interview their head roasters to find out which bean is knock-your-socks-off amazing. We order the winning bean and ship it to your doorstep (or office, friend’s house, mom’s basement, etc.) for you to enjoy! From the moment the beans pour from the roaster to the even better moment your coffee mug is steaming, takes us on average less than 7 days.

Boxo Marketplace

We created the marketplace to showcase more than just 1 bean from the roasters we have featured in our monthly box. This again, was built from a frustration.  The roasters we have been working with to curate the monthly box roast MANY MORE THAN 1 GOOD COFFEE! So we wanted to do a few things - provide a robust and automated platform for each roaster, which ensures your order is sent directly to them - roasted fresh - and shipped out ASAP. What does this mean for you the coffee drinker? You get super fresh beans directly from the roaster, and can try any number of roasts that suit your style from roasters across the nation (and soon, globe!).

Boxo supports small businesses by partnering in a sustainable way with all roasters. Our goal is to provide a platform that helps everyone throughout the entire coffee ecosystem, from growers to roasters to ultimately you, the drinker.

Boxo Team


Derek K.

Candace C.

Nick K.

Elaine C.