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Who: Dogwood Coffee Company Where: Minneapolis, MN What they say: Dogwood Coffee must be a great place to work. It's a group of coffee buffs that wanted to get into the specialty coffee market to offer folks coffee that they themselves like. They have now opened a couple of shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and have just recently expanded to Canada! Their coffee is meant to be an expression of themselves and they stand by all of their products as a result of this. Why we picked them: Even though they started just 6 years ago, Dogwood Coffee is...

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Who: Driven Coffee Roasters   Where: Minneapolis, MN   What they say: Driven Coffee Roasters is a group of coffee experts from across the midwest that congregated in Minneapolis to present the world with strict quality control on all of their products to ensure their faithful followers the finest beans. They pride themselves on their differentiation from the big guys as they consider themselves small craft roasters. Anyway you slice it, they are blowing up in Minneapolis and really all over!   Why we picked them:  It's a simple answer: they are a company that cares and provide the public...

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