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What was the catalyst that took this from an idea to a reality? Pursuit of great coffee. Pursuit of great coffee through the use of grinders, water, brewers, and roasting techniques. The endless pursuit of a variety of tastes.   What is one adventure that made it all worthwhile? Being able to visit and live for several days with coffee farmers and experience the world which they live.   What are your motivations for doing what you do? To push the status quo of what’s possible, thinking outside the box and to show that success can be had.   What is your happy place? (Can be...

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Photo credit: Larry's Coffee  Any way that you slice it, Larry's coffee is one of the greener establishments out there. They have been on a mission since their creation to leave a small footprint while roasting an incredible amount of coffee. They utilize solar technology for electricity and to heat their radiant floors, use sustainable packaging and harvest rainwater to operate their bathrooms and water their gardens. They also offer Raleigh's only B100 fueling station and they do all of their deliveries with their biofuel van. These are just a few of the things they do to make sure that...

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