Let Your Inner Vigilante Out!

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Let Your Inner Vigilante Out!

Who: Vigilante Coffee Company

vigilante coffee roasters

Where: Washington DC (area)

coffee subscription featured roaster - vigilante

When: November Box (2016)


What They Say:

Here's what the Vigilante team keeps written on the wall (so to speak):

  • Source the best coffees in the world
  • Use the $ we purchase our coffees with, to make a bigger impact where it is grown
  • Roast these coffees to perfection
  • Craft beautiful coffee experiences with world class customer service
  • Make the world a better place through Vigilante Coffee

That pretty much ticks the boxes for what we at Boxo look for in roasters, because the coffee industry needs roasters and drinkers of coffee to think this way - so we don't destroy our precious ecosystems and plants required to bring us great coffee each morning, midday, afternoon, and affogato.

Why We Picked Them:

We picked Vigilante, because they have won multiple 90+ ratings for their beans, and two Golden Bean awards for their roasts. Beyond that, it's been a joy to work with them to deliver this month's beans - a 95 rating from Coffee Review - from their shop to your home. 

Plus, they are rocking it hard this election cycle in DC, so we figured they know their stuff to keep the Capital City moving forward. 


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