The Coffee Adventure

The Boxo Coffee Adventure!

For the same price as buying 7 lattés from a cafe, we will send you enough top-quality beans for 5-10x that. Why not drink much more amazing coffee from the best locally owned coffee roasters around the nation, plus save some money? That's a win-win deal!

Get your adventure caps on and your favorite coffee makers ready. By joining Boxo, you’ll receive your coffee box containing 2 new roasts from 2 new roasters directly from the roaster - usually within 7 days of being roasted. 

We also include a unique piece of artwork from our friends at Normal Human KC, because we're classy like that. Oh, and don't worry - shipping is included. We're not monsters.

Price is per month, and all shipping is included!

How Boxo Works

Step 1.Choose A Plan

Step 2.We Deliver Fresh

Step 3.Brew & Enjoy!

What Boxo Subscribers Are Saying

"Love trying new coffee that I otherwise wouldn't from different places around the country. Such a great concept!"

- Alex S. from Austin TX

"I love small roasters, and coffee I've never had. This is a great way to explore ones I would not otherwise find, and a great way to support small shops."

- Joe K. from Kansas City MO

"I like trying new coffee and it's nice to have it delivered to my door."

- Emily F. from Jackson MS

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