Twitch Espresso

Twitch Espresso

  • city: Phoenix, Arizona
  • roaster: Press Coffee Roasters
  • altitude: 1200 - 1700 meters
  • country: costa rica
  • process: fully washed and sun dried
  • producer: various
  • region: coto brus, naranjo
  • roast level: dark
  • varietal: caturra, catuai, obata and sarchimor

A layered espresso that transforms flavor as it is consumed. First on the pallet is a pleasing note of bright berry/citrus with a backdrop of cocoa culminating with a very pleasant sweetness. All enhanced by a touch of smokiness. After a taste of this Espresso blend you’ll be twitching with excitement (and possibly caffeine) for another sip. Twitch Espresso Blend is the proprietary espresso blend for Press Coffee Roasters. The Espresso blend is artfully roasted specifically to be used for espresso, the roast level highlights the flavors of the individual components.  This espresso blend is the backbone of Press Coffee Roasters and they are very proud of it.

Notes: chocolate, peanut butter, big body

  • ordering: roasted to order
  • roasted on: Monday, wednesday, friday



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