Nefas Farm - Ethiopia

Nefas Farm - Ethiopia

  • city: Smyrna, Georgia
  • roaster: Rev Coffee Roasters
  • country: ethiopia
  • process: natural
  • producer: nefas farm
  • region: sidama
  • roast level: light
  • varietal: indigenous heirloom

The Nefas farm is located in the Sidama region, about 514 km from Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa. The soil is predominantly loamy and the farm area is covered by a dense forest. All coffee is 100% shade grown at this farm.  

At the washing station, the washed coffees are pulped with an Agared machine. This is a pulper that has no mucilage remover. The coffee beans are fermented for about 35-48 hours in fermentation tanks, depending on the climate at that moment. Subsequently, coffee is dried between 9 and 15 days on elevated beds. In order to produce natural coffees, the ripe, red cherries are put on drying beds directly after picking.

Notes: chamomile with citrusy brightness and heavy milk chocolate undertones

  • ordering: roasted to order. 24 hour turnaround
  • roasted on: Monday through Friday.



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