Cowboy Blend

Cowboy Blend

  • city: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • roaster: Larry's Coffee Roasters
  • country: Sumatra, Nicaragua

This blend of Sumatra and Nicaragua beans brings the earthiness of Sumatran, balanced with the buttery smoothness of coffee from Nicaragua. Roasted dark brings out a full-bodied sweetness when brewed, exposing the combination of flavors in each cup: spicy, roasty, and smoky.

The secret to this blend is in its slightly unconventional roasting style, which pulls out many tricks from the book of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and airflow in the roasting drum. What makes Cowboy Blend so eminently drinkable is its effortless ability to be both brusque and smooth. If it were a person, you'd call them ruggedly handsome.

  • ordering: roast to order. ships within 24 hours of roasting
  • roasted on: Monday through Friday



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