Kayon Mountain - Ethiopia

Kayon Mountain - Ethiopia

  • city: Denver, Colorado
  • roaster: Corvus Coffee Roasters
  • country: ethiopia
  • process: washed
  • producer: kayon mountain farm
  • region: Guji
  • varietal: heirloom

Kayon Mountain farm located in the Shakiso region of Guji, Ethiopia. It’s rare to have a farm in Ethiopia which produces its own coffee past the wet mill stage, and Kayon mountain has wet and dry mill capabilities. This vertical integration keeps the coffee in the possession of a single producer throughout the entire process and provides visibility outside of the ECX process. All of which have an impact on quality and traceability.

Notes: Lime

  • ordering: roast to order, order to ship time max 3 days
  • roasted on: Monday through Thursday



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