Jimma - Ethiopia

Jimma - Ethiopia

  • city: Kansas City, MO
  • roaster: Blip Coffee Roasters
  • altitude: 2100 Meters
  • country: Ethiopia
  • process: Washed
  • producer: Gera Estate
  • region: Jimma
  • varietal: Heirloom

This fully washed Ethiopian coffee is quite delicate, with notes of tangerine and sugar cane. It is of the Heirloom varietal and was grown at an elevation of 2100 meters. 

This coffee was grown at the Gera Estate in the Jimma region of Ethipoia by Omer Ali and his family. The Ali family has been in the coffee business for over 30 years, initially as exporters and most recently as growers.
  • ordering: roasted to order. 24hour turnaround
  • roasted on: Wednesdays



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