Huila - Colombia

Huila - Colombia

  • city: Atlanta, Georgia
  • roaster: Firelight Coffee Roasters
  • altitude: 1500-1700m
  • country: Colombia
  • process: washed
  • producer: Multiple farmers
  • region: Huila
  • varietal: Caturra and Colombia

This offering from Colombia is the result of a special project meant to highlight the unique flavor characteristics of microlots in the Huila region. These characteristics come through as a tangy berry flavor that is rounded out by the rich, chocolatey, classic Colombian character.

We enjoy this coffee in a variety of brewing methods, but it really shines in a french press. An Aeropress or pourover method will bring out more of the herbal, tangy notes.

  • ordering: roast to order
  • roasted on: All coffee orders are roasted on Monday, ships Tuesday.



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