Hacienda La Minita - Costa Rica

Hacienda La Minita - Costa Rica

  • city: Vandalia, Ohio
  • roaster: Boston Stoker Coffee Co.
  • country: costa rica
  • process: washed
  • producer: La Minita
  • region: tarrazu
  • roast level: light

Hacienda La Minita is world renowned for growing beans that lead to one of the finest cups of coffee. The proprietor of Boston Stoker, Don, bought his first bag of La Minita from the owner/farmer of La Minita, Bill McAlpin off the back of a rented box truck in 1981. Year after year, La Minita has upheld uncompromising standards of quality and consistency. The farm continues to set the standard for specialty coffee processing. In addition to continually improving the quality of the coffee, La Minita is focused on improving the lives of those who care for the farm.

Notes: lemon citrus, chocolate, sugarcane

  • ordering: Roasted to order, 24 hour turnaround
  • roasted on: Monday through Friday



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