Hold the Press ... Coffee Roasters hailing from Phoenix AZ

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Hold the Press ... Coffee Roasters hailing from Phoenix AZ

Who: Press Coffee Roasters


Where: Phoenix Arizona


What They Say:

Press Coffee Roasting is a forward-thinking company. They are dedicated to supplying a high-quality product by roasting in small quantities which results in quality over quantity. They also love the coffee community and so they are constantly offering workshops and coffee tours (like wine tours) for those folks just breaking into the coffee scene. Like their quality products, they also believe in exceptional service from their friendly and educated staff.


Why We Picked Them:

Simply put, it's hot outside and nowhere is hotter than Phoenix (at least in the states in the summer) and Press Coffee is even hotter than Phoenix right now. Their beans are superb, they have been able to create a really unique environment for coffee experts to coffee novices and they are a company that you want to support because they've got great, passionate people working for them. We know that the best is yet to come for Press as they continue to provide excellent beans and a great coffee community for their loyal supporters.