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Going Post Coffee Co.

Who: Post Coffee Co. 

post coffee co lees summit mo

Where: Lee's Summit, MO 

post coffee roasters

When: September (Special Edition) Box

What They Say:

Post Coffee Co is dedicated to the craft of roasting and brewing great coffee. Their approach is simple yet impactful - they provide amazing beans, and work with the coolest coffee crews to ensure the slice of the heartland called home, is well caffeinated. 

Why We Picked Them:

We were put on to Post Coffee Co, because they are near our HQ, and after they opened their doors and we popped in, it was obvious they were the real deal. Their education "lab" is a great touch, teaching people in the area the techniques for making quick and easy amazing coffee at home/work/etc. Plus, they recently developed a roast for a local nitro cold-brew bicycle cart, and of course, they're slaying it too!

Post is our hometown favorite, so we hope you enjoy their beans - we sure as heck do!


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