Explore New Coffees on Boxo's New Marketplace!

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Explore New Coffees on Boxo's New Marketplace!

For the past two years we have been working with independently owned coffee roasters across the USA in an effort to find their single best coffee. That bean would represent the roaster in each month's box, but was never the only coffee we wanted to feature. 

We got to work designing and building the Boxo Marketplace, where we feature the best beans from the roasters we have featured, as well as other top roasters all around the world (soon). 

How does it work?

If you know what bean you want, you can search for it and add it to your cart immediately. If you don't know, have some fun and check out what we have to offer - try filtering by different options, or going to our flavor tags. If you enjoy coffee that has notes of caramel, we have you covered. If you enjoy fruity noted coffee, we got you covered!

In these early days, we will be providing free shipping for your first order - use coupon code "thelaunch", and your order will ship for free*.


Yeah. Unfortunately we can't offer free shipping on every order, we're just not as big as Amazon or WalMart yet. But there's another reason. We need to get you your beans ASAP, otherwise it's just not worth it. Nobody wants stale beans, and the longer it takes to get to you the worse off we all are. That's why we have to charge for shipping. Don't fret though - we are working to make these prices go down across the board, and when a better solution presents itself, we're on it.

Give 10, Get 10

If you sign up for an account (here), you can use your coupon link instantly, and for every new purchase from friends you refer, you'll get 10% of their first purchase in cash! They get 10% off, you get 10% cash. Not bad! 

The Monthly Box

We are still doing the monthly coffee box, because it's awesome and a great way to explore the world of coffee, finding new roasts and flavors that you enjoy. There are many great cities lined up to explore, and many of these featured roasters will also be on our platform. 

It's a really exciting time here at BOXO, we are excited to have you with us on this journey. We are always open to your feedback, comments and of course, photos of coffee (tag us @boxocoffee). 



*Free shipping for priority mail USPS, 1 to 2 bags.