Corvus - Mile High and Huge Flavor

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Corvus - Mile High and Huge Flavor

Who: Corvus Coffee Roasters



Where: Denver, CO


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When: February Box (2017)


What They Say:

We are a small-batch roaster, which means we roast two or three times a week and don't maintain a back-stock of coffee. When you purchase from us, your coffee will arrive within a day or two from being roasted. Our cast-iron Geisen roaster is made by true coffee craftsmen in the Netherlands who made some of the best machines for a larger German manufacturer for many years before splitting off to pursue the craft at an even higher level. 

We have been heavily influenced by the Nordic roasting styles and mindset of the roasters in Norway. For a long time, people viewed roasting in terms of "light" and "dark" when talking about roast profiles. As roasting knowledge has advanced, so has the understanding of what happens to coffee when heat is applied. Our fully manual roaster allows us to manipulate heat and airflow in a way which increases the development of the bean more quickly at different stages of the roast. The result is a very sweet, flavorful coffee which has no flavor from the roasting process. Each bean is evaluated on multiple roast profiles until we understand how to bring out the flavor developed before the coffee left the farm, and avoid adding a "roasted" flavor.


Why We Picked Them:

We got to taste the whole spread of Corvus' coffee lineup - and finally settling on the Kayon Mountain was tough - as every bean we tried had all the boxes maxed out, so we had to fall back to our age old decision making yardstick, "how big is the smile after the first sip on a cold morning, while not wearing slippers on a cold floor".

Trying coffees from the high altitude roasters is always fun, because most of the beans are grown in the same or similar elevations, so we find that it's almost the bean's luck to be roasted at the same elevation as it was grown (more or less).