Copper Door - The Gateway to Tasteville

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Copper Door - The Gateway to Tasteville

Who: Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Where: Denver, CO

When: February Box (2017)


What They Say:

Copper Door Coffee Roasters was founded in 2006 by Sinjin Eberle. Up until 2014, we had been solely a wholesale business, roasting coffee out of a garage. In 2014, Hannah Ulbrich took over the business, fostering a vision of expansion and community mindedness. 

We are extremely proud to be Denver's only 100% female owned coffee roaster. In a male-dominated industry, we are proud to support females doing amazing work in the Denver coffee community.

Why We Picked Them:

Denver is the city we spend the second most time in, other than our HQ of KCMO - because we love skiing, and it's just down the road... 540 miles, but hey. The friends we have met in Denver have all raved about Copper Door, and so naturally we had to try it out - and we also agree! Working with the team there has been great, and it's always nice to meet more coffee people who are into sustainability, equality, outdoors, and roasting top notch beans for everyone to enjoy!