Checking Out What's Good at Dogwood - August Featured Roaster

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Checking Out What's Good at Dogwood - August Featured Roaster

Who: Dogwood Coffee Company

Where: Minneapolis, MN

coffee subscription box featured dogwood coffee

What they say:

Dogwood Coffee must be a great place to work. It's a group of coffee buffs that wanted to get into the specialty coffee market to offer folks coffee that they themselves like. They have now opened a couple of shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and have just recently expanded to Canada! Their coffee is meant to be an expression of themselves and they stand by all of their products as a result of this.

Why we picked them:

Even though they started just 6 years ago, Dogwood Coffee is enjoying a successful start to their business. They started with the promise to themselves to never roast any bean that they weren't ecstatic about. This is a big thing in this day and age where companies are always looking to make an extra buck. Not at Dogwood Coffee - if they wouldn't drink the coffee themselves than you won't ever see their name on it.