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The one Cartel That Everyone Loves, Cartel Coffee Lab - July Featured Roaster

Who: Cartel Coffee Lab

Where: Phoenix, Arizona


What They Say:

Cartel Coffee Lab does their best to find the most unique beans out there. Whether they are a unique flavor, grown in a different manner than others or just something completely new and different, they are willing to go the extra miles to support their customers with a truly unique experience. There company believes that their quality speaks for itself and that their staff are top-notch coffee experts and enthusiasts. They work with the best coffee producers that they can and build valuable relationships with the growers so that the good beans keep coming.


Why We Picked Them:

We at Boxo love what the Cartel Coffee Lab is doing. They post their ratios for roasting and make everything visible for people to see while they are roasting. This means that they are so confident that they are doing the best job that they can that they are making all of their trade secrets known because they believe that others can't compare to what they are doing. It's true too! Their coffee is phenomenal, they've got a diverse group of workers and they are keeping things cutting edge, which is so necessary in the competitive coffee industry.


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