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Cafecito Organico - Roast on the Coast

Who: Cafecito Organico

cafecito organico

Where: Los Angeles (and greater area), CA

cafecito organico

When: January Box (2017)


What They Say:

Cafecito Organico believe that coffee enhances and protects livelihoods and biodiversity around the globe. To that end, they work with small growers and family farms that produce high quality coffees sustainably. Cafecito also pay a fair price to ensure that the coffee producers can sustain a livelihood and the workers are treated and paid fairly.

When they roast their coffees, it is done with the utmost care to ensure that the flavor nuances are developed to highlight the particular regions where the cherries are grown. Their stance is to employ the best people in the coffee business to bring these flavors to you, and they are playing a key role in providing specialty coffee opportunities for career craft roasters and baristas.

Their involvement in local community groups and grassroots organizations allows them to continue promoting social and environmental justice.


Why We Picked Them:

When we were at a Boxo co-founder's wedding in Malibu, we asked the concierge, "Hey, where can we get a good latte around here?". The response was "Starb***s near the super market".


So we ventured up a hill, and saw perched in a shopping area a few people drinking cups of coffee on some really comfy looking chairs. We walked over and saw Cafecito Organico, just chilling there. That store was attached to a locally owned book store, and the vibe was super chill. We bought some coffee, some beans, and went back every morning while we were there. When LA (area) came up for Boxo, we were instantly in touch with them, and now you've been able to try out their beans!




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