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Boston Stoker Coffee

Who: Boston Stoker Coffee Roasters

Where: Dayton, OH

When: December Box (2016)


What They Say:

I (Henry Dean, Boston Stoker) have spent the last six years traveling the world in search for amazing coffees. I have developed many new relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives, from the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia to the island of Sumatra. It is important to me that I not only have the highest quality coffee, but also that I make sure the farmers of this amazing produce are rewarded for their hard work. Coffee is truly a people business, and I love every bit of it.

Why We Picked Them:

Our friends at Caffeine Crawl had visited Boston Stoker before we did, and recommended we reach out and try their coffee. The bean that we've featured this month was one of the first beans that Boston Stoker ever imported. The story goes that they bought the bags of green beans and hired a local with a pickup to drive them and the bags to the shipping station, true to what you would see in a Hollywood movie. 

They are a family owned business for multiple generations, and we love their vibe, attention to detail and the quality of beans they roast!


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