August 2017 Marketplace Update

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August 2017 Marketplace Update

This August is a doozy. We've been fixing bugs in our platform and finalizing the style of beans we bring to you, the coffee drinker. Our aim is to start focusing on the coffee beans that are available (more or less) year round...

The blends, and farm direct beans tend to be easier to keep in stock and fresh all year and thus we can begin to explore subscriptions to one bean only, or a selection of flavors and styles. 

But what about the single origin beans? Worry not! These will be listed as "seasonal" or "limited release" based upon the quantity available from each of our roasters. That way you know which beans won't be around long, and can explore those first - moving on to the stable inventory beans at a later date.

It is our view that these simple steps will ensure your experience is much more seamless, from order to delivery without any hiccups! 

Our favorite bean this week: Konga - Ethiopia, roasted by Press Coffee Roasters