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A Coffee Grinder That May Be a Little Too "Smart"


 Photo credit: Voltaire Smart Grinder

Most coffee aficionados will agree that a good coffee grinder is about as important as anything during the coffee process. If it's too fine or too big than your beans won't release those desired flavors that you purchase and crave them for. Now there is a product that will give you the perfect grind every time and also let you know when the ground coffee has gone beyond it's best days and it will alert you that it's time to get new beans and even help you track down your favorite roasters through their app. The product is called the Voltaire Smart Grinder and it's from GIR (Get It Right).



The Voltaire grinder is incredible. Like we mentioned, it may damn well be smarter than most of us and it's one of the most efficient appliances on the market. One single charge will last for 3 weeks (we know what you're thinking, a 3 week backpack trip with your favorite coffee and friends) and it's small and compact and light. It's got a go-everywhere travel mug attached to it as well so you can make coffee on-the-run or hopefully in the mountains. It's even got a pourover stand for when you're ready to enjoy your coffee. All one needs is one of the Voltaire Smart Grinders and a JetBoil and you're ready to enjoy coffee anywhere and everywhere!




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