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Catching up with Dan and the Crew From Brooklyn Roasting


What was the catalyst that took this from an idea to reality?

Jim Munson, Founder of Brooklyn Roasting had a long track record of success in sales at Brooklyn Brewery and Dallis Brothers coffee. He saw a need in Brooklyn to deliver a premium, specialty range of coffee that was locally roasted and distributed and most importantly ethically sourced.

What is one adventure that made it all worthwhile?

Starting our Jay St, Dumbo cafe which is probably the busiest in NYC going through 1,000+ lb every week.

What are your motivations for doing what you do?

Brooklyn Roasting is passionate about delivering a high quality Fair Trade and Third Party certified coffee that reflects the passion and color of the borough where we live and roast.



What is your happy place? (This can be anywhere doing anything)

My personal happy place is climbing mountains. I was lucky enough to take the Brooklyn Roasting brand to Everest Base Camp in Nepal in 2014.


What is your relationships with your growers - how has visiting them changed your perspective on the roasting process?

We have long-term relationships with our Fair Trade certified coffee estates and growers. Our team travels frequently to origin to participate and observe the benefit of the Fair Trade coffee premiums we pay reach and benefit the wider coffee community.


What's your vision for the coffee industry?

Brooklyn Roasting is a believer and practitioner in the 'Fair Trade' rather than 'Direct Trade' model. We believe strongly in the 'Fair Trade' movement which is bigger than just coffee. Our vision and hope is that more and more coffee estates and growing regions become 'Fair Trade' certified and that more people benefit from the coffee premiums we pay.



What’s your differentiation? Why are you a “roaster”?

Being an independent, local premium coffee company with the scale to offer a full service - green coffee storage, roasting, production, retail, wholesale, service & maintenance and training.
We roast daily in our Dumbo facilities to ensure consistency, high-quality and put our colorful stamp on each batch.
What’s your favorite roast right now, either for sale or “in testing” and what’s your favorite brewing method?
My personal favorite is our Bali Kintamani - a naturally processed coffee with wild, fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry.
Our favorite brewing method is the French Press method. Super simple and very consistent.