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It's Getting Even Hotter Down in Miami

Miami is known for its sunshine, warm temperatures and for having so many sights and sounds that every person visiting or living there needs a good cup of java to keep them going.

Enter Panther Coffee. Panther coffee was started by Joel and Leticia Pollock in 2010. Joel's roots are in the northwest (specifically Portland where he was also roasting coffee) and Leticia's Brazil. Both were working in the coffee industry when they met in Minneapolis and while on vacation in Miami they noticed there was a need for a coffee shop with an in-house roaster and the idea for Panther Coffee was created.

They source coffee from South America, Africa and Central America and their Kailash from Nicaragua is garnering rave reviews around the world. While providing their customers with the highest quality beans possible, they also focus on being environmentally conscious and sustainable throughout the entire supply chain - from grower to drinker.

Every bean of coffee from Panther is roasted in a cast-iron drum machine that was made in Germany back in 1927. How cool is that? Every step of the process is designed to provide the ultimate product to you- which this month is the Finca La Esperanza de Guatemala.