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The Brooklyn Roasting Company

Photo credit: Brooklyn Roasting Company

One of our featured roasters for the month of January is the Brooklyn Roasting Company. They roast over 26 different single origin beans and blends in their Brooklyn facility down in the DUMBO district. You read that right - over 26 roasts! Conducting meticulous tests on each bean's taste before and after the roasting process, BRC ensures that you're getting their best product every time, one of the many reasons why we chose to feature them on Boxo. Each roast is made in small batches, utilizing a small commercial roaster, Loring Kestrel, to ensure quality over quantity.

As they love to put it: they are not coffee snobs, just coffee enthusiasts who realize that there is competition coming from every direction they look. BRC is focused on being green, and they treat their chosen coffee farms and farmers the same. Their focus on being a good steward to the planet involves being devoted to sourcing fair trade, organic and sustainable beans and BRC are actively involved with the Rainforest Alliance. Two thumbs up!

Quirky fact: When Brooklyn Roasting Company started back in 2009, they delivered their beans on bicycles and continue to get involved with as many biking causes and programs as they can. We at Boxo continue to enjoy drinking the MochaJava blend from BRC, and you can guarantee that we will be circling back for more. Enjoy your Brooklyn Roasting Company Mocha Java this month and keep on exploring!


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