Ember - The Heated Transportable Mug for the Coffee Enthusiast in All of Us

Whether you have experience working in a coffee shop, or just have an appreciation for the science behind a good cup of coffee, you are probably familiar with the notion that temperature plays a huge role in the coffee making process. People typically have a temperature that they like to have their coffee at and now you can keep it at that desired temperature for up to 2 hours on-the-go or all day if you keep your Ember cup on the charging doc. The taste of coffee rapidly changes and becomes more bitter as the temperature drops, so if you're gonna spend your hard-earned money on good coffee, keep its quality high all day. Especially if it's your favorite blend from Boxo!

We've all had the experience of brewing a fantastic cup of coffee and then having something come up (your kid needs help with their homework, you get called into a meeting, etc.). Well, help is here with the Ember coffee mug as they've combined their love of technology and coffee to allow you to monitor your beverage's temperature from a mobile device using their app. Wait. So I can unexpectedly be called upon to help a customer for a couple of hours at work and actually keep my prized cup of coffee warm and flavorful by just using the Ember app on my phone or my smart watch? YES!!! This is gonna change everything. People who love tea, coffee and all hot liquids will be able to keep their favorite beverage at their desired temperature no matter what is going on in their hectic lives.


Video credit: Ember 

The CEO of Ember, Clayton Alexander, is a lifetime inventor and currently holds over 70 patents. He and his team of experts have meticulously tinkered with the Ember mug for the past 5 years to make it perfect in every aspect of the word. The mug's design is flawless, it's aesthetically pleasing, the perfect size and color and all you do to adjust the temperature is just rotate the base of the mug. And the addition of the app just takes it to a whole new level. Can you say Christmas shopping complete for the coffee-lover in your house? I think so! 

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