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One of Brooklyn's Finest

City of Saints Coffee Roasters borrows the "City of Saints" part of their name from the original city of saints - Harar, Ethiopia. It's a fitting name for them not only because a large portion of their beans are from Ethiopia but also because Brooklyn truly is a city of saints these days and boy do those saints love their coffee. City of Saints Coffee roast their beans in the diverse neighborhood of Bushwick and they've got cafes in Manhattan and across the river in Hoboken.

What we at Boxo love so much about the City of Saints Roasting company is that they realize coffee means something different to everybody, and their mission is to provide their customers with a unique coffee experience by using their wide spectrum of knowledge, experience and vigor for coffee to please as many as they can. They take pride in knowing the most about the beans they roast, where each bean type is grown, what climate, elevation, washing method, any variances and so many more aspects.

One of their blended roasts (1320) contains beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil that once ground the scent alone will take you out of your current situation and place you on a wooden porch high in the mountains with fresh snow falling all around. It's that flavorful, powerful, and it'll get you through a long day of work even if you stayed out a bit too late the night before. We can't wait to send you your very own taste of City of Saints this January, it's going to be tough to wait out the next few weeks.



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