Hot, fresh espresso anywhere you go!

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Hot, fresh espresso anywhere you go!


The Oomph coffee making device is engineered to give you coffee just like you get from the coffee shop but at a much smaller cost to you. the Oomph has been designed and tested over the past six years, and is now live on Kickstarter for all of us coffee fiends to rejoice.

Good coffee comes from powerful pressure and that's what the Oomph is all about. It is a coffee travel mug with a clever plunger that performs all of the magic. This plunger causes the extraction process to occur as the pressure pumps the hot water and coffee grounds until your coffee is perfect, every time! It makes coffee faster than you can imagine and every time you sip from the mug it pumps again so your coffee doesn't taste any different over the course of hours.

The Oomph coffee team shares a very similar vision as us, that of enjoying coffee while you are out adventuring. We love the idea of the Oomph coffee maker because we are always on the go and are such coffee snobs that we want our hot coffee to be consistent whether it has been brewed 3 minutes ago or 3 hours ago. Now we can! 

Of course, there's still the Dripo for the iced coffee fiends, also on Kickstarter. Support your coffee startups y'all!

Check out the Oomph in action: