The Plains sure do roast a mean coffee.

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The Plains sure do roast a mean coffee.

This November we set to explore the coffee roasters of Kansas City. Luckily for us, there were dozens of candidates to taste, but the true roasters shone out early on - both from taste and popularity, but also with the amount of buzz (pun intended) they are creating.

First up is Thou Mayest. We love their casual wooden vibe, with a bit of the flair for some boozin'. Their passion for roasting stems from exploration- during our chat with them there were a few upcoming seasonal roasts and whiskey barrel concepts that were brought up. Part of creating a truly memorable coffee is having the guts to test new things and push the limits. The Sumatra Mandheling roast is one of their all time favorites, and is the bean that they recommend you wake up with.

When asking anyone in KC about the most funky roaster, you'll likely hear about Oddly Correct. Funking up the scene with their wood block print designs on each bag, and extremely well roasted coffee, we love working with their team - especially because it means getting to hang out in their quaint but cozy roasting shop. Nothing beats being surrounded by this much art, coffee and cool people. This month's Costa Rica bean from La Trinidad Community Farms is best brewed with a Chemex, or pour-over method and will light up a room with an amazing scent. 


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