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Dripo - The Coolest Thing for Iced Coffee since Ice.

Photo credit: Dripo

Iced coffee. It's refreshing in the warm temperatures as it is in the cool, and due to it being brewed with room temp to cool water it ends up tasting sweeter and contains less caffeine than traditional hot coffee.

Dripo is a drip iced-coffee brewer, tumbler combo that's designed to travel with to the office or the peak of a mountain. As opposed to traditional iced-coffee makers, Dripo is a quarter of the size and made for individuals who are on the go.

Just imagine this - you can add 1.5 ounces of a Boxo featured roast to your Dripo, 12 ounces of cold water, and toss it into your backpack. The Dripo averages 45 drips per minute, meaning in two and a half hours your ice drip coffee is ready. You can enjoy this freshly brewed iced coffee while taking in the view, or getting to inbox zero. It's definitely something we are going to be rocking on our next camp. Take a look at their video, it's a very clever invention indeed. 




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