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Bacon Flavored Coffee

Michelle Lee

There's absolutely no middle ground when it comes to bacon flavored coffee. You're either gonna love it or you're gonna hate it. At least now you have the option to give it a whirl as there is now a flavor of Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee for those mornings when you are craving bacon or just would like to combine your fervor for bacon and coffee into one liquid experience. Let's hope that it's good because we like bacon way too much to ever consider taking any chance using any bacon product that might diminish our love for the real thing. On the flipside though, can you imagine that irresistible smell of bacon wafting through your house, waking you up in the morning? It's totally worth a shot and bacon flavored caffeine surely suits us here at Boxo and really should excite everyone, everywhere. 


If you want to purchase some coffee that tastes like bacon check out the Brewdly website


Original article: OhGizmo!


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