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People Are Putting What in Their Coffee?

Andrew To


So apparently the newest trend in California (and probably elsewhere) is folks are adding mint to their coffee. It isn't a totally new concept as many people are quite fond of mint mochas but we actually mean the addition of mint leaves in their coffee. Mint leaves. Apparently there are several different coffee shops around the San Francisco area that are adding the leaves to their patrons coffees and so far people are really enjoying it. And it's aesthetically pleasing as well and versatile too as it's good in a warm cup of brew or even an iced coffee. What's next, sprigs of rosemary? Until we at Boxo have tried it, there's no way we can say yay or nay to it so that's our mission for the weekend and we hope you'll try it too! Keep thinking of creative coffee concoctions and interesting additions to your coffee as well and as always keep enjoying that coffee no matter what you're doing!


Original article: Buzzfeed