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Welcome to Boxo!


Hello coffee drinker (or friend of coffee drinker)! Welcome to Boxo, the newest concept in coffee monthly boxes. On our about page, we describe in a few sentences what we do, and what we are about, however I would like this time to extrapolate this a bit further, because this has been a long time in the making.

Back in 2012, Bil and I were working together and constantly comparing coffees in the office. Big news for us was when someone switched from roaster A to roaster B, or from pour-over to aero-press. We're huge into our rituals. We had the idea to start a monthly box that would allow us to explore coffee from all over the nation (and hopefully world), but as the saying goes - life got in the way. Bil moved to Austin, and I accepted an invitation to partake in a startup accelerator. 

During that time between, we've been steadily honing our love for coffee and our network of roasters. My career path took me to Hong Kong, where after a year of begging relatives and friends that visited me to bring coffee back in their suitcases, I revisited the idea of a monthly box - this time it was out of personal need. I launched 88Beans in late 2014, three months into my new fatherhood, because coffee was flowing like a river at that point. Couldn't get enough. 88Beans would translate as "double joy" in the local customs of Hong Kong, and it rung true; we have imported coffee from 7 different cities, 14 different roasters and haven't had a single subscriber leave (other than one, who is on extended vacation and needed to pause his subscription).

We have come to call the Hong Kong business "an adventure in coffee", because we don't only source 1 type of bean for you, we provide you with enough coffee (usually 8oz) to try out multiple brew styles, and really get a feel for the mindset of the roaster and their environment. Then, the next month you get the same thing again! It keeps you on your feet, exploring, pioneering.

It was two months ago that Bil, Nick J and Nick K and I were talking - "Hey. We should be doing that here [in the USA] too."  

From that early discussion to this October, we have built the groundwork to launch and provide an awesome concept to the USA coffee drinkers - an exploration of the nation's coffee without leaving your couch (or office). 

We guarantee you'll have fun!