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People in Korea are Taking Their Love of Coffee to a Whole New Level



Face-shaped lids are all the craze over in Korea right now. Jang Woo Seok is the creator of these truly original lids and it started with the theme "kissing when coffee". Due to his love of kissing and coffee Seok decided to combine two of his interests to give others an emotionally different experience while they indulge in their favorite coffee. He describes the experience as waking up and giving or receiving a warm kiss. Originally the lids were just the lips but Jang Woo Seok ultimately decided that the nose should be added to make the experience even more realistic. The design of the nose and lips resembles Greek statues and the hope was to make the design emit a friendly nature. Coffee on-the-go is both a part of Korean culture but also considered to be fashionable as well so having a coffee with a distinctive lid could be very alluring to coffee drinkers throughout Korea and potentially in the near-future, around the world. 




Original article: Koreaboo


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