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One Man's Adventures in Spilled Coffee Art

Stefan Kuhnigk


Stefan Kuhnigk, a German copywriter and illustrator, spilled coffee on a piece of paper at work four years ago. Unlike the 99.9% of the world who would've mumbled a few choice four-letter words and then discarded the paper into the trash, he decided to think outside of the box and take that coffee spill and transform it into a coffeemonster. Since then he has created over 500 different monsters and is even selling them as truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces on his website. Every character is different and everyone of them has a little bit of edge to them. Who would've thought that a clumsy coffee spill would ultimately result in such original art? He now routinely splashes coffee onto a piece of paper, lets the coffee really dry for about 4 hours and then lets the creative process begin. Check out some of Stefan's creations here and his youtube videos here and the next time you are irritated because of a little coffee spill during a business meeting, take a note from Stefan and let those creative juices flow!


Original article: Buzzfeed