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19 Hilarious Ideas that Non-Coffee Drinkers Will Understand

1. You have no problems dragging yourself out of bed and getting along just fine without the aid of coffee

Andras Horvath

2. You are baffled by the addiction that some of your friends have to coffee


3. Eating a real breakfast is mandatory for you and coffee is not a "complete breakfast"

Haley S.

4. People who get coffee with their dessert at dinner blow your mind. How will they ever sleep? Do they fight crime after you're done with dinner?


5. A coffee menu might as well be in a foreign language because it doesn't mean a darn thing to you

Memphis CVB

6. Nor do all the different sizes of cups available at coffee shops. Big gulps, huh? Welp, see ya later...

Orange Red

7. A coffee shop is not a place for you to spend your time and money


8. And what is the deal with pumpkin-spiced lattes? 

Eric Laczi

9. You can't fathom how someone can spend their money on coffee instead of delicious food. Coffee doesn't even fill you up!

Caryl Crowell

10. Or alcohol for that matter. There's booze out there that is cheaper than coffee!


11. There's nothing more awkward on this planet than a    work meeting at a coffee shop where you are the only one who isn't enjoying a cup of joe. Your co-workers are just staring at you in awe

M David Ford

 12. And people's reaction to you not drinking coffee is often laughable

Jan Nemei

 13. After they wrap their head around the idea that you      don't indulge in coffee they instantly go into detective mode  to learn your secrets of coping with everyday life without coffee

Jorge Valle

14. You've experience stressed and anxiety in your life but never the "coffee jitters"

Ewan McDowall

15. You notice that you are disgusted by the smell inside the coffee shop while everyone else is leaning over their cup of coffee or espresso to inhale the sweet nectar's scent

Why Sarah

16. And you'd rather deal with someone's cigarette breath than coffee breath

Alissa Roz

17. People stare at you blankly when you tell them that the taste of coffee just doesn't float-your-boat

Shandi-Lee Cox

18. Or that coffee is just not part of your lifestyle

Shane Bumby

19. But non-drinkers are at least willing to admit that   coffee drinkers are definitely the superior people!

David Sandell


Original article: Buzzfeed