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Dark Matter Coffee - May Featured Roaster

Chicago is one of the most vibrant, and of course, windy cities in all of the United States. As a business hub of the midwest, there's no shortage of discerning coffee drinkers looking for the best cups they can find. One of the finest has to be Dark Matter Coffee, one of our featured May roasters. Dark Matter is an environmentally-friendly company focused on giving you the most honest cup of coffee every time you visit.

Their quality is consistent, because they've built strong relationships with green coffee providers that they now they consider family. These relationships with the growers, carries the quality all the way to the final product, your cup of coffee, every time.

dark matter coffee

One thing that we love (beyond their coffee) is that their coffee beans are packaged so ridiculously beautifully. It's not often that we see this in craft roasters, but they spend a great deal of time working within the art and music communities to deliver a fully rounded visual, scent and taste experience with their coffees.

Dark Matter takes time to explore the boundaries of coffee tastes by experimenting with fermentation and barrel-aged products. The next time you find yourself in the windy city, stop over at one of Dark Matter's three store fronts and enjoy yourself a quality cup of the good stuff and make sure to bring some Dark Matter along with you the next time you head out backpacking so you can enjoy a good cup of brew while enjoying the darkness in the starry skies.


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