Catching Up with Larry from Larry's Coffee

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Catching Up with Larry from Larry's Coffee

What was the catalyst that took this from an idea to a reality?

Pursuit of great coffee. Pursuit of great coffee through the use of grinders, water, brewers, and roasting techniques. The endless pursuit of a variety of tastes.


What is one adventure that made it all worthwhile?

Being able to visit and live for several days with coffee farmers and experience the world which they live.


What are your motivations for doing what you do?

To push the status quo of what’s possible, thinking outside the box and to show that success can be had.


What is your happy place? (Can be anything-favorite thing to do, place to be, etc.)

Stepping onto a hardwood dance floor and waltzing with my girlfriend. 


How has visiting the growers you work with changed your perspective on being in the coffee roasting business?

Experiencing life on the ground in a coffee farming community which we visit is extremely powerful; in part because these people have very little in the way of possessions YET are some of the happiest and most soulful people I have ever met.


What is your vision for the coffee industry?

The coffee industry becomes significantly more transparent than it is today. Whereby, the consumer becomes more connected to the people who grow the coffee and the places on the globe where their coffee comes from.


What’s your differentiation? Why be a “roaster”?

Not only will our coffee blow your mind in terms of flavor, our company is deeply tied to values of sustainable business.

What’s your favorite roast right now, either for sale or “in testing” and what’s your favorite brewing method?

Bourbon Barrel Cask Conditioned Coffee. AeroPress.