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Staying on the Grind for the Perfect Grind

The more and more folks seem to get into coffee the more the process becomes scientific to establish consistency and to get the most out of the beans you're working with. Enter the Rafino. It is as scientific as it comes and it's out to prove that even fancy grinders won't do the job that this simple product does. It refines your beans perfectly so that you get the consistency that you so long for. And the design is pretty dang cool too!


The Rafino works by taking your blend and it dispensing the coffee into three different parts of the device. The top level is a little bigger than what you want, the middle tray is the cream of the crop, that's perfectly sized to bring you the best nectar of the gods and then the last filter catches the excess that's just a little too small. Thus ensuring you are gonna get the same cup of coffee that you crave, every time! So simple, but guaranteed to change your world for the better. And be sure to bring the Rafino on your next adventure, it's the perfect size for tossing in your backpack!


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