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Larry's Coffee in Beautiful Raleigh, NC

Photo credit: Larry's Coffee 

Any way that you slice it, Larry's coffee is one of the greener establishments out there. They have been on a mission since their creation to leave a small footprint while roasting an incredible amount of coffee. They utilize solar technology for electricity and to heat their radiant floors, use sustainable packaging and harvest rainwater to operate their bathrooms and water their gardens. They also offer Raleigh's only B100 fueling station and they do all of their deliveries with their biofuel van. These are just a few of the things they do to make sure that they create as little waste as is possible while providing the consumers with the best possible product.


Photo credit: Larry's Coffee

Their products are organic and fair-trade and they are still the only independent cooperative roaster in the U.S. importing coffee from Fair Trade cooperatives directly. Larry's beans are of the highest quality and they pay over the minimum for Fair Trade prices on all of their coffees. That quality trickles right down to the consumer while Larry's Coffee still is able to make their products competitively priced. A good cup of coffee always tastes a little better when you know the company behind it is doing everything in their power to be as green as possible and that they are providing a high-quality product and going above and beyond with their relationships with their growers to make sure that they the growers are getting paid a fair price for the product that they are producing. Incredible beans from an environmentally friendly company that believes in paying growers what they should be paid equals Larry's Coffee being an easy pick for Boxo's April subscription. Enjoy the beans from Larry's Coffee this month folks and as always keep adventuring!


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