The Key to Good Coffee

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The Key to Good Coffee

The Portakey is the perfect tool for anybody that loves coffee, is a barista or for anyone who does any sort of work on espresso machines or other coffee machines. It looks just like a key and is packed with coffee related tools.

It features two built in flat blade screwdrivers as well as a wrench that is perfect for unscrewing blazing hot steam wand tips. The design of the Portakey is sleek yet sturdy, and is designed by a mechanical engineer from Silicon Valley, a mechanical engineer who is also a sucker for good coffee.

The last feature of the Portakey is that it also is a bottle opener because coffee and beer should always go hand-in-hand. The Portakey also has a slight opening at the top of it so you can slip it onto a belt loop on your jeans and it's small enough that you can store it with the rest of your keys in your pocket. It's like a cool little Leatherman/multi-tool for the coffee enthusiast in all of us. 


Photo credit: Portakey